• Ideal Age to Get Married

    Ideal Age to Get Married

    Marriage is an equal union of a man and a woman. Typically, such features as pragmatism and calculation have nothing to do with marriage since people decide to unite their fates as they don’t want to live without each other. Exactly in this case, a marriage is likely to be happy and lasting. Undoubtedly, there is no universal age to get married because it is a personal matter. However, while making this serious decision, we have to take into consideration some peculiarities of age differences in human perception. As a rule, our world outlook and views on people largely depend on our age. However, it may also happen that some…

  • An Ideal Date for Her

    An Ideal Date for Her

    A date is a meeting of two people having a mutual interest in each other. A purpose of a date is to learn more about a person you’ve liked. These definitions hide our emotions, feelings, and hopes that may be either become true or miserably fail. Everything depends on how a date develops. Men’s and women’s notions of a perfect date differ. However, the main goal of both partners is not to disappoint each other. A first date is of paramount importance. Both men and women are getting ready for it rather carefully. Thus, let’s see what date is considered perfect by women.    For women, the main notion while…

  • Pros and Cons of Meeting People Online

    Pros and Cons of Meeting People Online

    Nowadays, there are a lot of possibilities for meeting people in virtual reality. Singles all around the globe can use the Internet to find friends or life partners; however, not always online friends live up to our expectations in reality. Let’s consider the list of pros and cons of online dating, as an American expert in the sphere of cyber-dating Julie Spira sees it. Advantages of online dating more than 40 million US singles have tried to find a partner in cyberspace; One out of five romantic relationships starts from an online meeting. There is a vast amount of successful Internet love stories. The Internet significantly broadens your circle of…

  • Women’s Typology

    Women’s Typology

    There are no two 100% alike women in the world. By this, we mean not only appearance but morals, tastes, and values. Very often, men can hardly understand women since their world outlook is radically different. Sometimes, even women themselves cannot explain their deeds. Despite the fact that every woman is unique and mysterious in her own way, there are typical women’s traits that let psychologists divide them into definite groups. Thus, let’s see which women types are most widespread nowadays. Keep in mind that the traits of each type get mixed in every woman in a unique way. Popular women types Woman-mother As you can guess, the main feature…

  • Mature Love

    Mature Love

    Getting stuck in constant conflicts and mutual accusations, we can destroy even the most precious relationship. John Amodeo, a family psychotherapist, shares his ideas for effective communication with ourselves and others so that love and intimacy would become deeper and stronger in the course of time. How does everything begin? Engaging in a relationship, we have only the best intentions and great hopes. However, despite our efforts, even the most touching promises are sometimes broken. What should we do in order to create a strong union with a beloved person and fulfill our cherished dreams? Based on his many years of experience working with married couples, John Amodeo explains that…

  • Love or infatuation

    Love or Infatuation?

    Every person dreams of finding real love as we cannot experience true happiness without this component. Nothing can replace love; money, fame, and social statuses fade without sincere human feelings. That is why we are desperately trying to find true love. Then we want to understand if we really love the person we’ve got connected with and if we can sacrifice everything in the name of love. What goes wrong? So, why does it happen that having fallen in love and won the affection of a beloved person, in some time we bitterly realize that our feelings have faded away? And the most important person becomes a stranger? Why do…

  • 5 True Signs Of Genuine Love

    5 True Signs Of Genuine Love

    Mystery, fear, adventure, desire, a feeling of life abundance – these are five reliable criteria that will help you understand whether love is genuine. How many times have we asked our friends stuck in a painful love relationship “Why are you still with him/her?”; how many times have we thought about what makes a person cling to a harmful bonding? No, it isn’t love for sure. Then, what is love? A feeling that can make us happy forever? Of course, not, answers psychoanalysis. Genuine love doesn’t give us peace. Even when initial excitement because of the unity of souls fades, love doesn’t calm down. Vice versa, it makes us anxious…

  • 10 Steps To Healthy Boundaries

    10 Steps To Healthy Boundaries

    Do you feel that your life doesn’t belong to you and your personal space is constantly being invaded? If this is the case, you should defend yourself and establish healthy boundaries between you and others. How does it look like? For example, you are talking with a friend via skype at midnight because it’s more convenient for them. Or you may give your colleague a lift, and he starts smoking the very moment he sits down in a car.  You spend a vacation where your husband/wife wants even if you hate this place. You even don’t realize that tart words or jokes about your weight imply that your boundaries are…

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