Ideal Age to Get Married

Ideal Age to Get Married

Marriage is an equal union of a man and a woman. Typically, such features as pragmatism and calculation have nothing to do with marriage since people decide to unite their fates as they don’t want to live without each other. Exactly in this case, a marriage is likely to be happy and lasting.

Undoubtedly, there is no universal age to get married because it is a personal matter. However, while making this serious decision, we have to take into consideration some peculiarities of age differences in human perception. As a rule, our world outlook and views on people largely depend on our age. However, it may also happen that some people are mature enough to get married at 18 whereas others aren’t morally ready even at 33.

Let’s have a look at the main features of marriages depending on the age people get married.

Early marriages 

You are under 20 but desperately want to get married? Well, it’s better to wait for a couple of years since early marriages are definitely doomed. The point is that pupils of secondary school or students get completely absorbed in their feelings and cannot appeal to their ratio madly in love.

At this age, young people perceive the world in black and white and tend to act like heroes. If they love, they guess it is forever; thus, why not get married. They consider marriage as an interesting adventure while immaturity and infancy don’t let them objectively evaluate family life.

Therefore, a harsh truth is that the majority of such families break up during the very first year of common life. Routine problems and a necessity to make difficult decisions become a great challenge for young people. Not every couple is able to overcome such problems and preserve their feelings. Nevertheless, there are couples who have married very early and lived happily ever after. But they are rather a lucky exception to a rule.      

Mature marriages

The age from 20 to 30 is considered ideal for getting married. First of all, it is explained by human physical peculiarities. Right now, a human body is fully developed, and the human organism is flourishing at a peak of its possibilities. Secondly, young people are psychologically ready to create a family and even feel such a necessity.

Having finished studying and acquired a profession, people clearly realize what they want to get from life. Apart from career goals, there appears a desire to create a family and give birth to children. If a person has all of the above-listed things, there appears a feeling of self-fulfillment and satisfaction with one’s life.

As for intimate matters, a person at this age better understands the differences between love, passion, and friendship. Choosing a second half, people don’t rely on intuition or fleeting feelings. Relationships at this age are long-termed and proven. Marriages fail less often and, typically, are the strongest.

Scientific opinion on the matter

According to recent research published by The Independent, the most successful marriages are at the age between 28 and 32. Scientists believe that this age is ideal for creating a family. To support this thesis, they claim that the level of happiness is the highest within such couples, with the lowest divorce rate.    

Furthermore, the research has shown that the highest percentage of failed marriages is among the 18-20-year-old group of young people. Surprisingly enough, even mature marriages of people aged nearly 40 rank among less successful. Why does it happen if people are mature enough to make reasonable decisions?

Well, researchers believe that the most inappropriate motivation of mature people is to create a family as soon as possible with a person supporting them in this decision. Thus, people at this age engage in a union with a person they consider as the last chance for family happiness regardless of the fact if they love them.   

Late marriages  

Marriages that occur after 30 years or later are considered late; very often this is the second time people get married. At this age, partners are experienced and understand very well what they want. Searching for a life partner, a person at this age will pay attention both to the positive and negative traits of a potential partner and evaluate them according to many criteria.

For this reason, couples over 30 do not hurry to get married. They have to check each other’s feelings very carefully because there is no right for a successive mistake. After cohabiting for a couple of years and realizing that their attempts to create a family have been successful, they can decide to get married. It will be one of the most well-thought and reasonable decisions in their life.

Marriages after 50

These are based on a spiritual connection rather than love. People deeply respect and support each other. Typically, such marriages do not break up and last until death.

Besides, one should remember that Western and Slavic women tend to marry at a different age. In the West, women prefer becoming independent before they get married and give birth to their child if any. A child-free trend is taking on nowadays so that Western women would marry after 30 and may easily reject the idea of having a child. Also, their independence frequently results in the fact that they don’t need a man at all, neither to provide for them nor be a potential father of their child.

Exactly for this reason, Western men are looking for Ukrainian girls who value a traditional structure of a family with a man as a provider and father of their kids. Therefore, it’s a widespread practice for Ukrainian girls to get married aged between 21 and 25. Romantic, intelligent and hard-working, they know how to find a balance between being a successful woman and a great housewife and mother.     


Marriage is the most wonderful thing that may happen to a person. It helps us to find a goal in life, experience many types of love, and never be lonely again. You should not be afraid to get married; however, consider your decision very thoroughly. A mistake can make you close to the world for a long period of time. For this reason, regardless of the age, you get married at, always remember that a strong relationship requires constant efforts of both partners.

To be happy in a union, you have to work on yourself and help your partner become better every day. Always listen to each other, share your thoughts, and discuss problematic moments. Never accumulate negative emotions, otherwise, you risk exploding in a most inappropriate moment and terrible consequences. Also, remember that a partner is not responsible for your well-being. You are the only person responsible for how you feel, with a partner just complementing the state of your inner peace and harmony.

Thus, before starting to blame your partner for your misfortunes, you’d better analyze what is going on in your soul and mind. The point is that very often, one of the partners isn’t even aware of the fact that something is going wrong because a sweetheart keeps insulting silently. If you dislike something, tell that at once and try to fix it during a serious talk of two mature people. Honesty is the best policy; just be sincere and caring towards your partner, and then there would be no black clouds on your horizon! 

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