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Dating a widower man — a concise guide

Unfortunately, it happens to lose a spouse sometimes because life is short. This thought should force us to live a life that’s full and love as much as we can. Therefore, when a man loses his wife, he should continue living. It’s hard and it takes a while before you can move forward, but it’s absolutely normal, so widowed men often begin to search for a new partner in such cases. It allows frustrated and defeated people to overcome their sorrows and keep one’s head up.

Of course, it’s not quite simple to find a new partner that will deal with such a complication. That’s why widowers need a little help in this. For such purposes, there are dating platforms for them that help to connect people with the same interests. Besides, it doesn’t matter what happened in the past if you love each other in the present.

Pros and Cons of this type of relationships

As it may seem at first sight, there are no pros in a relationship with a widower. It’s a long and complicated way to a happy marriage with a lot of nuances. But it’s not quite true! Although there are really many problems, such relationships have a bunch of advantages:


  • widowed men are much tender and sensitive;
  • you can feel real love;
  • every moment becomes more valuable and full;
  • a great life experience ensures the wisest choices;
  • you don’t have to worry about exes like in a case of divorce.


  • a man may not leave everything behind, so you will be compared with a previous wife each time;
  • some additional complications, such as children or financial crisis, may occur.

Dating a widower red flags

dating a widower

To avoid possible troubles and unwanted relationships, you should know some red flags that denote there is something wrong and you should fix a situation somehow:

  • Too many shrines. It’s not ok if a widower keeps too many memorials of his late wife. Do not take it too seriously because it’s absolutely normal to grieve and keep some memories. But once it becomes suspicious, you shouldn’t ignore this;
  • Keeping relationships in secret. Dating a new woman is complicated in case of losing a loved one. But presenting a new woman to family and friends is even harder sometimes. However, you should not feel like you are hidden from everyone and your partner doesn’t want to let others know about you;
  • Nothing serious. If relationships are not becoming more committed and serious after a long period of time, it means they won’t turn into a marriage ever. Men know whether they want to have a «happily ever after» with a woman or not;
  • Just like the previous one. It’s another red flag when a widower always compares you with a late wife. Don’t let things become weird. You should not look, speak, or behave like someone else.

Begin with a dating a widower website

If you are a widower or you want to date a widower, you will be glad to know there are special websites for you. These sites are created to help people find each other. It could be complicated to find time and a will to meet a new partner outside in real life. It also requires a lot of additional conditions.

Using such platforms is simple and it doesn’t require much effort. Dating sites like these have very optimized, well-developed, and user-friendly interfaces with beautiful designs. It allows users to figure out how the site works in minutes.

Sign up first

The registration process is straightforward, so you will get through it easily. It usually needs only a few details to complete: general information about you and email address. General information for all dating sites is usually the same: your age, gender, location, and preferences. You will also need to think up a password for your account.

That’s it! You may be asked to provide additional details upon the registration or you can add it later in your profile page. It’s made to facilitate the whole procedure. Signing up is free for everyone, which makes things even simpler.

Qualifying rules

There are no strict regulations for people who want to become a member of such sites, but you still have to meet some conditions to be eligible to use dating platforms. These services are not an exception:

  • you must be 18 or over;
  • you have to provide real information to prevent the existence of fake accounts;
  • your email address has to be valid.

You personal page

dating a widower

After you’ve signed up, you gain access to the site’s features and receive a personal page that’s called «profile». Profiles contain information about you and help other members get to know you better as a person. You can add photos, descriptions, and statuses to tell more about yourself. 

Although photos give the most complete picture of your appearance, it’s necessary to give written descriptions too and specify the following physical attributes: height, weight, body type, eyes color, and so on. It’s also good to tell about your occupation, habits, alcohol/smoking habits, number of children, and any other characteristic a site offers to fill in. Remember that complete profiles are more likely to be noticed.

Tips for filling in

Since dating a widower over 50 or even over 60 is not a very common phenomenon, compared to other dating types, you have to be careful and accurate in catching others’ attention. It really needs effort! To help you succeed in such a complicated task, there are some tips on how to make your profile good:

  • Be creative. Boring profiles with standard and pretty general information do not catch an eye. Tell something special and personal, think up a good introduction that will intrigue members.
  • Be honest. Genuine people are more trust-worthy. What comes to women, it’s especially important because they feel lies and avoid them.
  • Be positive. It’s hard to handle with some circumstances, but no one wants to feel depressed with you. Positive thoughts can make the world around you better.
  • Be funny. A good joke never hurts anyone. Humor is a good cure for every disease. But don’t overtry — everything has its limits.

Everywhere, anytime

Thanks to modern technologies and the growing mobile industry, it’s possible to look for a new partner lying on a sofa or being in a traffic jam. That’s incredibly convenient for all of us. Just download a special mobile app or visit a site via a mobile browser. You can stay online as long as you want. The Internet is now available from almost any part of the world. It’s inspiring and breathtaking how one small gadget can replace the need for multiple devices.

Is it safe to use such sites?

dating a widower

The task of site developers is to make them fun, convenient, good, and safe. No one will ever trust a site if there is no confidence in safety especially when it comes to dating services that are connected with a lot of personal and financial information.

In order to feel safe, you should always do a little research. Look through the site to find the privacy policy and the terms of use. Also, make sure that the website has a license. Everything you need is usually located at the bottom of a page. Also, remember to follow safe online dating tips!

Technical side of protection

The very first step is email verification that prevents the creation of many fake accounts and bots. The second measure is the SSL encryption that protects all your data. The security of transactions is good, and the personal data you provide cannot be stolen. And, of course, a team of specialists that is constantly watching for any violations. Moderators have permission to ban and delete accounts permanently. Those who do not meet the terms of use will be permitted to use the site. If you want to make the community cleaner, please contact a customer support service in case you have noticed suspicious activity.


It’s needed to notice that if you are ready to overcome problems connected with dating a widower, no matter if you are a grieving widower or a potential wife, you are on the right path. This path will lead you to the real love and happiness you both deserve. The choice of the right partner is an essential part of our lives and it depends on many aspects. Having helpful resources you can rely on is a great advantage. Do not be scared and use all the possibilities life gives to you.

Using dating services for widowers, you get a bunch of opportunities that you can’t find somewhere else. The success rate is rather high, and the conditions are very affordable. Stop waiting for something, just try this out. A new experience, new partners, new horizons. Unleash your inner power and say no to a frustrated life. There is no sense in being alone, so the question you should ask yourself is «When can I start?»

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