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If you are one of the busiest guys who lack the time no matter what they do, online dating is exactly for you. It is perfect for not confident and shy men also while you do not have to initiate communication at once, women can do it.

Even if you are not very lucky with local girls in your city, do not despair because online dating sites can solve that problem and match you with a woman from another city, county, and continent.

Online dating has tons of pitfalls though and if you are not experienced, you can easily get trapped. The guide below will teach you everything about this type of dating and how to succeed with it avoiding all the traps.

The perks of online dating

online dating

Online dating sites can be a lot of fun. It can be truly called a paradise for lazy guys. Why lazy? You do not have to go out and try to meet a woman, do not need to start a conversation, and feel embarrassed and experience all the shame of rejection. Everything is a bit different when it comes to dating online.

Quite often, ladies on online dating websites initiate conversation. They never do it in real life but do online. Sending a letter or message to a man who doesn’t see your face at the moment is not that embarrassing, so they do it very actively while being eager to find a good man.

Online dating can have tons of perks but also be quite tough if you use it for the first time and have no experience. Thus, before starting to use an online dating site, you should know about all the pros and cons of it. It might even not be for you, not match your needs or expectations, so pay attention to the information below.

Access to multiple potential partners

Once you join an online dating site, you get instant access to a large database of singles. Any of those women can become your potential match. The good point is that you do not have to go out, put effort to meet girls in various places, and find out whether they are single at all. All you have to do is sign up and see all the singles that are looking for their partners online.

The best thing is that you can select potential matches by categories and automatically filter those who do not meet the criteria of your search. In other words, your search becomes much easier, faster, and efficient.

Various ways of communication

Different online dating websites offer multiple communication options. You can send letters, short messages, communicate via online chat, Skype, and many other ways. Lots of online dating providers even arrange phone calls. Do not worry if you and your woman do not speak a common language — a professional translator is at your disposal.

This is a sort of testing of your potential girlfriends which is very convenient. If you are too shy to communicate on video at once, opt for messaging, and vice versa, if you prefer face-to-face communication, choose video chats. Online dating doesn’t limit you to one way of communication and you have a really wide choice.

Meeting people you could never meet in real life

The Internet is an amazing thing. Before it was invented, people could meet partners from other countries only when traveling. Now you do not have to travel to meet a great woman. You can date ladies from Brazil, Colombia, Asia, Europe, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, and any other country without leaving the comfort of your home.

You could never think to meet those girls in real life but once you choose the best online dating site, you never know who you meet and fall in love with. This is wonderful because modern people are not limited to anything like countries, boundaries, languages, cultures, etc.

One out of five relationships start online

online dating sites

Yes, the statistics are very promising. Five out of five couples meet each other through online dating and this is wonderful. It’s no wonder while we live in the digital age, so coming across our matches this way is more than convenient. Nothing can substitute real face-to-face communication but modern online dating websites offer tons of opportunities thanks to which you do not feel any distance between you even.

You can combine a holiday and your dates

When you use online dating to date a woman from Ukraine, you have to meet in person your future bride sooner or later. When you live miles away, it is not that easy to simply get a ticket and fly. You should plan this meeting while going across half of the world to spend two days together is not reasonable.

Thus, it is better to plan your trip for at least a week. You can do it when it’s time for your holiday. Spending vacations in Ukraine and meeting a woman you like and want to have a future with is a great way out. This way, you can kill two birds with one stone.

You meet only those women who are eager to date foreigners

If you want to date a Ukrainian or Russian woman, you can come directly to her country and meet any lady you wish. But be aware that not all ladies want to date western men. On an online dating site, you can be sure that all the women you communicate with are willing to meet foreign men.

All of them are ready for commitment and moving abroad. You do not need to waste your time on finding out whether your girl can consider moving abroad, how she would feel about it, etc.

As you can see, online dating has a bunch of advantages and can meet the demand and requirements of many people. But it has its pitfalls also, so find out about them right now.

Online dating challenges

The downsides of online dating are obvious for those who used to date in real life. But if you still do not know much about this kind of dating, here is some more information about it. First of all, if you do not choose a reputable online dating service, you never know who you are talking to. Yes, scammers happen, and this is the biggest risk we bear when choosing a dating platform. Other things may not meet your expectations. Find out about them below.

Too much choice

Sometimes, you get stuck between two women when dating in real life. The same might happen in online dating but the choice is much bigger here. Just imagine — profiles of new ladies are being added on dating sites daily. You see more and more women who match your criteria every day; you get this information on email.

Your head is spinning and you start talking to all of these ladies, they all seem very nice and cute, so the choice is really hard. This is one of the biggest mistakes all men do. Do not try to pay attention to all women at a time. If you start to communicate with a couple of ladies and everything is going fine, focus on them simply.

Once you try to talk to all the ladies, you risk turning to an eternal online dater and spend years on the dating site. All you will get is a nice communication and watching pictures of beautiful women who please your eyes. All that is great but do not forget about your initial purpose — find your love and life partner. Do not decline from it.

Quite expensive

The best online dating sites offer wonderful opportunities and give you hundreds of chances to meet your woman. They render great services and meet your expectations. Professional customer support, interpreters, matchmakers, coaches — all these people do a great job to make you find your match.

However, as you understand, such professionals do not work for free. Online dating cannot be free, otherwise, you cannot claim for quality. Thus, you will need to be ready to pay some good money to get good services and meet a really decent woman. No worries, when you date in real life, you also spend money on your dates, cafes, cinemas, trips, etc. The same is in online dating.

People may lie in their profiles

You probably know that free online dating sites or dating apps do not verify profiles a lot, unlike paid dating services. The best dating sites have a very strict verification procedure for their ladies, they check the documents, interview them in person, require video calls to make sure a woman is real, and even request them to provide links to their social media profiles.

All these things help make sure that a woman is not married, doesn’t have a boyfriend, and is the one she says. When joining a reliable online dating site, you can be sure that you are talking to a real woman whose identity was verified thoroughly.

If you use not a very reliable service or a free dating site or app though, you cannot hope them to go through the same procedure. Thus, the photos and information in their profiles may be false. You may think to talk to one lady and she appears to be a totally different person. People can lie in their profiles, state the wrong age, pictures, etc. Do not be too naïve when choosing a very cheap or free site.


Even though you may be talking to your potential match every day on video, it cannot substitute your real-life communication, hugs, and kisses. Distant relationships will always be a part of your online dating routine. At first, you do not pay much attention to it.

In some time, when you really like someone, you have to meet each other. Such a meeting is anticipated by you both and you spend a wonderful week or two together and decide to keep talking and have a romantic relationship.

This is the most difficult time while now you have to think about how to meet again, where to do it if you live too far from each other, and how to move her to your country if you both want it. It is challenging but still possible to overcome. Just be patient and be more confident and decisive.


Is online dating safe? This is the most difficult question. Scammers never have rest and they love online dating. They are waiting for you there to fall in love and spend your money. Thus, you should always be realistic and understand that people cannot fall in love after a couple of letters.

You may like each other, feel some chemistry and attraction, but it is not enough to fall in love. Ukrainian and Russian women are very skeptical so they do not confess their feelings through letters. Keep that in mind and do not forget about your common sense.

Online dating tips

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If you decided to join one of the online dating sites and want to succeed, consider following these simple tips:

  • Create a good profile. Avoid posting fake or old pictures of yourself; pick a recent picture with a smile without other people surrounding you.
  • Look for some good online conversation starters. Even though you are dating online, no one canceled romance and general dating rules, so women pay attention to what you say, what you write, and whether you can communicate with ladies at all.
  • Never send money to an unknown woman. This must be your number-one rule while scammers always ask for money inventing various sad stories without even seeing you in person. A good lady will never do that.
  • Send some gifts. Online dating is not very different from casual dating and if you like a woman, try to attract her attention by sending some flowers at least to her birthday or without any reason. It will be much appreciated and bring you some extra points.
  • Do not procrastinate and meet your woman the soonest. Procrastination is your enemy while women are still looking for in-person communication; do it and show her how serious you are about her and that you are ready for commitment.

Online dating can help you find your better half

Online dating sites are the best alternative to casual dating and have helped thousands of people meet each other and get married. It is wonderful because people from various corners of the globe can meet each other and fall in love. It opens new horizons and helps meeting people you would never meet without it.

When choosing your best online dating site, pay attention to the details; do not try to communicate with all women at a time, stay focused and not naïve. Not to face scammers and various pitfalls, be attentive and stick to your goal. If one of the sites doesn’t meet your needs, try another one, there are hundreds of options.

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